Boost Your Smoothie (and Your Immunity) With Blue Spirulina

Boost Your Smoothie (and Your Immunity) With Blue Spirulina

The health promoting benefits of spirulina have long been known, with nutrition experts boasting the nutrient power of this simple blue-green algae. You may even have "boosted" your Jamba Juice with spirulina and bee pollen to strengthen your immune system back in the day. I know I did, though these days, my Vitamix keeps my smoothie game on par with the very best (and with better nutrition) at a fraction of the cost. 

Recently, the technology available for spirulina production has so improved that we have grown a spirulina a cut above any sourced from open ponds. The spirulina grown in VAXA Technologies' aquaculture planthouse in Iceland is like no other on the market today because its nutrient profile has been refined with optimal growing conditions. Nutritional analysis proves that by giving spirulina exactly what it needs to thrive (using machine learning and even elements of artificial intelligence), and none of what it doesn't, it can produce vitamin B12 in the highly bioavailable methylcobalamin form. This is a game changer, because algae grown in open ponds lacks this bioavailable form of B12!

Furthermore, this recent study published by researchers from University of Cambridge proves that this very spirulina -- the same we use in our Immunity Boost -- is carbon negative! They even report that the composition of the spirulina is so nutrient dense that it could replace animal meats like beef, for its amino acid (protein) content, Iron (Fe) and vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin). Plus, the spirulina grown in an indoor controlled environment, like that produced by VAXA Technologies, doesn't have the odor or taste of algae grown in open ponds. 

While the spirulina extract used in Immunity Boost may be focused on its immune benefit (for good reason), and not on the protein, this study opens us up to a world of future possibilities. 

The next Impossible Burger may not be made from spirulina, but we can imagine a not-too-distant future in which you can add a heaping scoop of spirulina to your shake routine in place of less sustainable protein options. This new smoothie could even play a role in reversing global warming!

For the interim, take your Immunity Boost, and spray it right into your smoothie for a healthy treat this cold & flu season! Check out this recipe from our Instagram page! 


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