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Concerned about your heart? Feeling fatigued? Dry eyes? Stiff joints? This may mean you're not getting enough nourishment from your diet. ORLO’s unique Bio-Active Omega-3s can provide the support your heart, brain, eyes, and muscles need.


The nutrients your body needs for energy, immunity, and critical organ functions are now cleaner and more bioavailable than ever. 

Supplement your health with these powerful omega-3s and enjoy all the benefits of our advanced biotech.

the omega-3s EPA & DHA have a huge impact on your health




Omega-3 EPA and DHA offer vital support to your entire cardiovascular system, including healthy blood flow, blood pressure and triglycerides within normal ranges.*

Energy & Sport

Bioactive EPA and DHA power up your body by helping produce ATP (cellular) energy and clearing mental fog. They also help maintain proper hormone levels and support healthy menstrual cycles.* 


Essential components of every cell in our bodies, omega-3 EPA and DHA play an important role in maintaining health at all ages and stages.* 

Joints & Muscles

Getting enough active omega-3 EPA + DHA supports joint comfort and motility.* 


Eating a diet that’s rich in omega-3s helps keep your gut microbiota diverse and healthy.*


Supports healthy eyes, visual acuity and moisture levels.* DHA makes up half of the fat in our eyes and needs to be replenished throughout life to retain healthy vision.

Brain & Mood

Brain & Mood

A Balanced Healthy Mood

Many cases of depression present a low omega-3 status. Studies show that taking omega-3 supplements may support a healthy mood and calm state of mind.* 

Cognitive Performance

Omega-3s support neuronal communication in the brain and central nervous system. Restoring omega-3 levels improves neuroplasticity and can combat early signs of brain aging.* 

The effect of omega-3s on short-term memory loss is being studied, given mountains of anecdotal evidence.*

Brain Clarity & Focus

DHA makes up half of the fat in your brain, making it vital for proper brain function. DHA supports healthy focus and attention.*

Healthy Sleep

Sleep is crucial for healthy hormones, a healthy immune system, and learning.

Recent studies show that low blood levels of omega-3s are linked to poor sleep at all ages, and behavior and learning difficulties in children and adults.* This makes sense because DHA is essential for the production of melatonin, which helps you sleep.



Natural Shield

Omega-3s EPA and DHA are used as vital cellular components. They improve our ability to traffic immune-boosting nutrients, eliminate toxins, and even strengthen the membranes of immune cells, improving their ability to attack pathogens.* 

Restoring Balance

The omega-3s EPA and DHA stimulate anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, leukotrienes, and cytokines, helping our bodies return to homeostasis (balance) when inflammation is present. Without their support, inflammatory disorders and autoimmune disease progression are given a clear path to degrade our long-term health.




Sperm has high levels of DHA, an integral building block for healthy sperm with greater motility.*

DHA also supports the health of the ovaries and uterus. Even short-term regimens of DHA can improve oocyte quality. Long-term use is best, and may help combat age-related declines in fertility.*

Ovarian Health

DHA is essential for the production of melatonin, which may also be beneficial for fertility and ovarian health.*


Making up half of the fat in the brain and eyes, DHA is connected not only to healthy energy levels (which impact mood), but a healthy functioning brain.* While vitamin D3 is called the sunshine vitamin, you could think of DHA as the internal light that keeps darker moods at bay.


DHA supports the reduction of cortisol levels (stress) in your body’s system, and helps support a healthy immune system too* (these two might be related). 


Since mom is giving so much of her vital nutrition to her developing baby each and every day, it’s critically important that she replenish her stores of vital nutrition by getting a bioactive supply of DHA each and every day.

Mom & Baby

Mom & Baby

Prenatal & Postnatal

Critical for baby health, sufficient DHA intake during pregnancy (at least 300 mg/day) can support a fuller term and increase weight at birth.* The polar lipid form ensures better omega absorption, no burp back, and no upset tummy whether taken with or without food.

Baby's brain and eye development continue while nursing and throughout early childhood. Getting enough DHA through breast milk, or through supplementation, is therefore critical. An active DHA, with higher absorption, will replenish Mom’s stores faster and may even make Postpartum depression (PPD) or Paternal Perinatal Affective Disorder or Postpartum Anxiety and Depression PPAD less likely.* This means that Prenatal DHA is not just for baby, it’s for mom too! It even includes Active EPA, which further supports cardiovascular health, and mom’s natural ability to tackle inflammation.*

Brain & Eye Development

DHA makes up half of the fat in the brain & eyes and over 25% of the brain by weight. If we don’t get enough from our diets each day, we substitute the omega-6 arachidonic acid (AA) and other available fats. This means our cells won’t be as good at trafficking nutrients, eliminating toxins, and the electrical impulses required for cell-to-cell communication will also be weaker. In short, we need to ensure we get enough bioactive DHA each day to supply our baby with everything they need to develop healthy organs, including the brain and eyes.* 

Without sufficient DHA in pregnancy and early development, babies will not have the building blocks needed for optimal health. They may have trouble seeing clearly, or could even suffer from neurological disorders as a result.*.

Fuller Pregnancy Term & Healthier Birth Weight

Getting enough bioactive DHA throughout pregnancy is positively associated with fuller term pregnancies and a healthier birth weight.*

During Breastfeeding

Baby's brain and eye development continue into the 4th trimester and beyond. It’s imperative that you continue supplementation of your Active DHA while nursing. You may even consider supplementing your young one when you’re ready to stop nursing.  

Mom’s Health

ÖRLÖ’s Active DHA is better absorbed, which means mom’s stores will improve faster and she'll also be less likely to experience Postpartum depression(PPD) or Paternal Perinatal Affective Disorder or Postpartum Anxiety and Depression(PPAD).*

Menstrual Pain

Menstrual Pain

Intense pain around periods, often triggered by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) can worsen with out-of-control inflammatory prostaglandin production. Too much omega-6 and too little omega-3 can lead to more inflammatory prostaglandins and greater pain. Restoring omega balance with sufficient omega-3 (polar lipid) may diminish menstrual pain.* Research even suggests people experience a decrease in sensitivity to pain overall.*

Aging Well

Aging Well

Joint Comfort & Sensitivity to Pain

Getting enough EPA and DHA each day is associated with greater joint mobility and function, and can even reduce your sensitivity to pain.* In combination, this means you can get moving, improve your exercise quality, and retain your health-span.

Cognitive Performance

DHA supports neuronal communication in the brain and central nervous system.* Restoring DHA levels supports  neuroplasticity and can combat early signs of brain aging.*

Inflammation & "Inflammaging"

Out of control inflammation is responsible for what is colloquially referred to as “inflammaging” or accelerated aging. The active omega-3s, EPA and DHA support the production of resolvins which quite literally resolve inflammation. This helps your body return to balance, and reduces the likelihood of Inflammation.*

Skin, Hair & Nails

Skin, Hair & Nails

Supports healthy skin, hair, and nails. When hair loss is not genetic, DHA stimulates the growth phase of hair, supporting healthier, fuller hair with consistent use.*

DHA also supports a healthy oil-balance in the skin, giving skin a youthful luster and glow.* 

DHA stimulates resolvins which resolve inflammation in the skin; and protectins, which protect your DNA from damage, reducing the likelihood of sun-related skin damage and other cellular damage.* Since DHA also supports healthy hormone production, hormonal breakouts can become less severe.*

The Bottom line

Impact Nutrition Matters

ÖRLÖ Nutrition’s scientists have extracted the ultimate Active Omega-3s EPA and DHA from the original source – microalgae.

Just like with people, ideal living conditions make algae happy and motivate their natural mechanisms to give us more effective and bioavailable nutrients. 

Want to enhances critical functions at critical stages?

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