Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, gift giving doesn’t have to be about something material that will clutter your closet, your bookshelves, or your cabinets. Take a few minutes to consider these alternative suggestions. 

There's A Health App For That!
Giving the gift of health can be as simple as purchasing a subscription to an app that can make your loved one’s life a little easier. Sometimes that can come from a gifted subscription to an app you know they will love. Here are 2 ideas!

  • Have someone in your life that has a FitBit but doesn’t pay for the premium service? Get them a 1-year membership to FitBit plus! It will ensure they get the most out of their smart device, and set them up for a healthier 2024.
  • If you know someone who has tried several times to quit smoking, or quit obsessive behaviors (including overeating or undereating) consider the gift of a self-hypnosis tool like Reveri. We got the chance to interview the Stanford professor and psychiatrist, Dr. David Spiegel about this incredible tool. Our community even qualifies for an extra bonus! For an exclusive 2 week All Access Pass to Reveri, just tap this link from your phone:  

Hire Their Favorite Personal Trainer or Gift Some Fitness Classes
Many of us have personal trainers and fitness classes we LOVE – but these services can get quite pricey! Consider reaching out to their personal trainer and gifting a few sessions -- or calling that local yoga studio or spin class and buying a book of classes for them!

Support The "Test Don't Guess" Health Mantra With A Tested by You Subscription 
We would be remiss if we didn’t mention this incredible tool to help you manage your health. Get a gift subscription to Orlo Nutrition’s Tested By You program and your loved one can test their omega 3 levels on day one, and again after 4 months of daily supplementation. The beautiful Mironglass bottle can make the gift of omega-3s feel more luxurious and special. It’s so nice, it can be left on their night stand or bathroom counter so they remember to take it every day. 

Make It A Spa Day! 
Spa days are not just great gifts for Mother’s Day – they can help us relieve stress that built up during the holiday season. Consider gifting a spa soak, a float, a massage, a facial, or if your pocketbook isn’t already screaming at you, get the whole shebang! 

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