Exploring Sustainable Nutraceuticals

Exploring Sustainable Nutraceuticals

Episode Topic: In this episode of NutraPreneur, we welcome Corinna Bellizzi, the Head of Sales and Marketing at Orlo Nutrition. The focus is on Orlo’s groundbreaking approach to cultivating healthier, more sustainable nourishment from algae and on the innovative world of sustainable nutrition. The episode explores the evolution of the nutraceutical industry, particularly in the realm of Omega-3 supplements, and how Orlo is pioneering a shift towards plant-based solutions for optimal health.

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Lessons You’ll Learn: Listeners are treated to valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities within the natural products industry, drawing from Corinna’s extensive experience, including her time at Nordic Naturals. The episode sheds light on the decision-making process behind extracting active Omega-3s from microalgae, emphasizing Orlo’s commitment to sustainability. Furthermore, Corinna shares her expertise in customer-centric approaches to product development, providing key lessons for up-and-coming brands in the nutraceutical space.

About Our Guest: Corinna Bellizzi, the Head of Sales and Marketing at Orlo Nutrition, brings over 20 years of experience in the natural products industry. Her journey includes working on formulation, direct-to-consumer strategies, and collaborations with retailers. Corinna is a strong advocate for ethical and substantiated brands, emphasizing the importance of aligning with an ethical core. Her shift from fish oil to sustainable solutions reflects her dedication to addressing environmental concerns and creating products that stand on a foundation of transparency and substance.

Topics Covered: The podcast covers a range of topics, starting with Corinna’s experiences shaping Orlo Nutrition’s success. It navigates through the challenges and collaborative approaches in product development, leading to the decision to extract Omega-3s from microalgae. The conversation deepens into Orlo’s patented growth environment for microalgae, highlighting its role in regenerative and carbon-negative nutrition. Corinna also shares insights into Orlo’s utilization of human and artificial intelligence in innovation. The episode concludes with a glimpse into the future of the nutraceutical industry, emphasizing the need for sustainable solutions and Orlo Nutrition’s plans for continued global impact and innovation.


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