Ideal Made Real

Ideal Made Real

Giving the world true impact nutrition 

We believe nutrition is everyone’s basic right.

Most nutritional food production remains at the mercy of poor growing conditions, the weather, and traditional non-regenerative systems with wasteful practices that create spiraling environmental depletion and degradation. 


Icelandic Ultra Algae™

Natural whole nutrition, that the body truly absorbs, promoting both personal and global health.

with Passion & Perseverance

After years of relentlessly pursuing a sustainable, bioactive solution, through human and artificial intelligence we invented a patented growth environment where microalgae thrive, becoming a truly regenerative sources of nutrition with global impact.

Did you know Fish get their omega-3 from algae?

Fish oil is extracted to get omega-3. The fish are disposed of. standard fish oil makes people ingest a relatively large amount of fish oil to get a little omega-3.

Why go through all this, when we can just get the oil directly from the algae more efficiently?

Our bioactive nutrients are extracted in one step in their most bioavailable form for highest absorption by the body, requiring a fraction of the resources. And it’s all carbon NEGATIVE!

Cracking the mystery

VAXA Technologies

Cracking the mystery

Our team, composed of microalgae cultivation experts worldwide, has vast experience and a history of solving complex challenges in this field. They've overcome issues like water quality, CO2 loss, biofilm accumulation, and more.

VAXA, introduced the E2F concept (Energy to Food) with a cutting-edge production facility in Iceland, near a major geothermal power plant, providing essential resources for our microalgae. (This plant also helps cool our lighting equipment before distributing water throughout Iceland).

bioactive Ömega-3 your body really gets

bioactive Ömega-3 your body really gets

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