The Örlö Mission

Örlö Nutrition isn't simply a business, it's also a cause. It was founded to prove that algae is the better option — not only for the planet, but for everyone. Like fish, microalgae is nutrient-packed, including the omega-3s EPA and DHA, proteins, and even micronutrients like vitamin B12. However, unlike fish, algae can be grown and harvested efficiently, With the right technology, algae can even be grown using waste heat and CO2 emitted by other industries. That's why our nutrition solutions aren’t just carbon-neutral, they’re actually carbon-negative.

Tracking Our Impact

Ocean Fish Saved:

2,231,460 fish

Emissions Prevented:

7.37 metric tons (CO2eq)

Every time you choose algae over fish, you take action to protect sensitive marine ecosystems -- which helps our oceans recover and regenerate. Plus, we sequester carbon in the world’s first carbon negative production process.

The result? Clean air and pure, sustainable nutrition for generations to come.


Most people get their omega nutrition from fish oil pills. But did you know fish get their omega nutrition from algae? Our fish-free omega nutrition comes right from the source. 

We believe whole-body wellness and  flourishing ecosystems can co-exist. Through our proprietary, carbon-negative production process, we grow our algae with zero reliance on fish and the earth’s natural resources – meaning you get 100% of the nutritional benefits with 0% guilt.


Located in Iceland, our facility is integrated with one of the world’s largest geothermal plants. Utilizing waste heat, 100% renewable energy, pristine water and natural CO2 emissions from the geothermal facility, we’ve created the world’s first carbon negative profile and a fully regenerative production process. 

Our indoor growth platform utilizes advanced machine learning technology for controlled, scalable, fresh microalgae production year-round without the use of pesticides or antibiotics.

Using pristine non-marine source water and guaranteeing a safe and clean process with no cross contamination, our production process relies on 99% less land and water resources than the industry standard.


Örlö offers the most sustainably produced algae product in the world. Thanks to our first-of-its-kind, carbon-negative cultivation process, we grow algae in pure sustainable abundance in our aquaculture plant house in Iceland.

Our unique polar omega-3 structure is easily absorbed by the human body and delivers three times the nutritional support, while using 99% less land and water resources than other omega sources. 

Örlö is the future of omega nutrition – plant protein that provides superior health and nutrition benefits while keeping our oceans and fish ecosystems completely undisturbed.


Our name is derived from a unique combination of Icelandic words: Örlog meaning ‘fate’ (fortune, destiny) and Ör derived from ‘micro.’  At Örlö, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between your health and the planet’s. Örlö has harnessed the lifeforce of the first plants on earth to produce an omega-3 product line that includes polar lipids (phospholipids and glycolipids) for improved absorption into the tissues of our bodies, and a spirulina extract that boasts improved effect over spirulina grown in open ponds. 

With Örlö, you get the complete power of plant nutrition grown in pristine water in a controlled environment. You can rest easy knowing the supplement you’ve selected contains no environmental pollutants like mercury or PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or flame retardants -- all of which are known to exist in open water systems. The result is a clean supplement that has been minimally processed without the use of harsh chemicals like hexane, resulting in a finished product that is better for you and better for the environment, without the worry of consuming environmental pollutants.


Örlö Nutrition is powered by VAXA Technologies.

We have a passionate team that is committed to providing nutrition solutions that don’t compromise the health of ecosystems, our planet, or our morals.

At Örlö Nutrition, we believe a balanced food system is powered by a commitment to sustainability and the preservation of our delicate ecosystems. Without that commitment, sustainability means nothing.

A sustainable system

Endless nourishment

Positive impact