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  1. Nourish America With A Basic Food Utility Featuring Jens Molbak, NewImpact.Care

    Basic food utilities can actually be used to fix a big problem that’s affecting the United States today, food insecurity. Did you know that one in seven people in the United States is food insecure? Healthy and nutritious food are too expensive, so they go to their nearest fast food joint instead. And as medical bills continue to come, it's hard to sustain this kind of lifestyle. Plus, it's just not healthy.


    What if there was a way you could get healthy foods for free? Jens Molbak, the CEO and Founder of New Impact, is on a mission to do just that. Jens is developing a Universal Basic Food program where people can vote on a set of healthy foods, order it online, and pick it up at their nearest marketplace. Although it's still a work in progress, Jens is adamant about finishing this app so people can start living healthy. Join Jens as he shares a demo preview with Corinna Bellizzi. He goes into the process and how the business model even works. Discover how New Impact is trying to fight the food insecurity problem in the United States. 


    Key takeaways from this episode:

    •       Food insecurity in the United States is a huge problem
    •       Basic food utilities are your friends
    •       The Universal Basic Food Program can give you nutritious food for free
    •       The program is on its way but will still need a lot of help in testing
    •       Healthy food equals a happy life


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