1. Omega Nutrition 101

    Demystifying Essential Fatty Acids: Omega-3s and Omega-6s What are essential fatty acids? Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are fats that your body sim...
  2. The Beauty of Polar Lipids

    Dietary Fats: The Good, The Bad, and the Best From Unsaturated to Saturated, Trans Fats to Natural Triglycerides and Polar Lipids, This Blog Spells...
  3. Fish-Free = Ocean-Friendly

    Ocean-Friendly Nutrition and The Power of Algae to Regenerate Earth In this article we examine the North American fish oil marketplace, the life co...


  1. Harnessing The Power Of Algae To Save The Planet And Promoting Better Nutrition With Professor Isaac Berzin, CTO and Founder of Vaxa Technologies

    Watch the episode here   Listen to the podcast here   Algae. It sounds so small and insignificant, but it has the power to change lives and ev...
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  2. Regeneration: The Hope Below our Feet With John Roulac

    The climate crisis is real, and we are now only several harvests away from famine and starvation. But what if there was a solution that already exists to help save the earth and its people? Here to discuss regeneration is John Roulac. John is a hemp innovator, serial entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, writer, and champion of regenerative agriculture. He was also the founder of organic superfoods brand Nutiva. In this episode, he joins Corinna Bellizzi to share his mission leading a movement toward organic regenerative farming and healthier soils. John talks about helping local farmers, fostering regeneration communities, and promoting agroforestry and food forests as a means to revive barren land. All these contribute to the goal of revolutionizing how the world eats and hopefully saving the planet. Be inspired to do your part with the incredible information from this episode and learn consumer practices that will help support the cause.

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  3. A Deep Dive Into Sustainable Packaging and Its E-Commerce Impact With Saloni Doshi of EcoEnclose

    Have you thought about the waste you generate as you procure your food and byproducts that turn into more waste piled up on this earth? What exactly do we mean by sustainable packaging? Here to unpack these topics is Saloni Doshi. Saloni is the CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer of EcoEnclose, a company dedicated to creating plastic-free shipping solutions that are kinder to the environment for e-commerce companies. In her chat with host Corinna Bellizzi, she discusses the move from plastic to paper, the impact of using alternative resources for packaging, and why it's important to be responsible and knowledgeable in our efforts towards sustainability. Saloni also dishes on exciting projects, such as the Algae printer ink and 100% recyclable mailers. Learn more about sustainable packaging and how we, as consumers, can do our part by tuning in to this episode.

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  4. Responsible Sourcing: Introducing A Plant-Based Coffee Alternative With Ben LeVine, Clinical Herbalist

    When it comes to sustainability, so many industries still have a long way to go. Clinical Herbalist Ben LeVine has always felt a profound connection with nature. So much so that he set out to disrupt the system through his company, Rasa, where he stewards the development of an ethically sourced herbal coffee alternative that's helped over 100,000 people connect with mother nature, live their values, and discover plant-powered energy. In this episode, he joins Corinna Bellizzi to let us in on the wonderful work they are doing, especially when it comes to responsible sourcing. Ben shares the problems currently faced by the herbal world and how they are trying to achieve sustainability while keeping people healthy through adaptogenic coffee alternatives with herbs. Don’t miss out on more great insights as Ben ultimately shows you that businesses can also become more pro planet.
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  5. Replacing Petrochemicals With Carbon-Negative Algae In Wearables & Print with Scott Fulbright, Founder and CEO of Living Ink

    Listen to the podcast here   Petrochemicals are superfluous in all of our lives. They are not only in the fuel and lubricants used in machinery,...
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