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From the people
From the people

There are three supplements. Women of all ages should be taking: omega-3’s, magnesium and Maca.
I’m happy there’s a company like ORLO that provides active omega-3’s from algae, that are sustainable, safe and even better absorbed than fish oil.

DR Shawn Tassone MD Ph.D
From the people

The prenatal DHA has been part of my morning routine in pregnancy and now postpartum during breastfeeding. The fact I don’t have to worry about toxins and chemicals is the best! I feel the difference when taking these.

Tia W.
From the people

OUTSTANDING PRODUCT & PACKAGING. I’ll never lol anywhere else for a better omega 3 supplement. Not only is it perfectly concentrated and formulated, but it also makes me feel at ease knowing I am reducing earth waste with their compostable shipping packaging. Loves me some Örlö!

Grace H.

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